stainless steel wash basin shallow basin size 24cm to 45cm

stainless steel wash basin shallow basin size 24cm to 45cm


1. Capacity:24cm to 45cm

2. Packing: 72 pcs/bag to 300 pcs/bag

3. Material: stainless steel

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stainless steel basin size weight packing Carton size
24cm 115g 300 pcs/bag 48*24*45cm
26cm 130g 180 pcs/bag 26*26*47cm
28cm 150g 180 pcs/bag 28*28*47cm
30cm 180g 180 pcs/bag 30*30*48cm
32cm 180g 180 pcs/bag 32*32*52cm
34cm 144g 144 pcs/bag 34*34*38cm
36cm 120g 120 pcs/bag 36*36*42cm
38cm 120g 120 pcs/bag 38*38*43cm
40cm 96g 96 pcs/bag 40*40*39cm
42cm 96g 96 pcs/bag 42*42*40cm
45cm 72g 72 pcs/bag 45*45*36cm


1)  shipping : contact supplier to check shipping cost based on your quantity

2) payments:   can both accept dollar and rmb

bank/Alipay/wechat/paypal/western union/ are our main ways for your order payments



1) Q: How can we receive goods from you?

A: We can deliver to your port directly or we can also deliver to your warehouse or agent in China.


2) Q: Do I have to buy the whole container goods?

A: We can both wholesale in containers (40HQ, 20GP)

and LCL shipment (less than one container loading)

the best support will be offered in quantities.


3) Q: Can I mix different items?

A: Yes both by container or LCL shipment

you can choose and mix different designs.


4) Q: Do we have to wait for production?

A: For container goods we need prodution time according to your quantity, usually about 25 days can finish goods in 1*40HQ,

and for other products less than one container , we have stock goods available,

no need to wait for production, and delivery is fast.


5) Q: I am interested and want to have a sample to check, how to get it?

A: We can deliver a sample to you by FedEx Express. about 8-10 days can arrive.


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